People: Third Child on the Way for Supernatural’s Jared & Genevieve Padalecki

Jared Padalecki is going to be a dad for the third time! The Supernatural star stopped by Live with Kelly on Monday, and spilled some exciting news to Kelly Ripa and co-host for the day Richard Curtis. “When I started the show, I was 22 years old — I was a single guy, kind of doing my thing,” said the actor, 34, who met his wife Genevieve Cortese Padalecki when she had a recurring role on season 4 of Supernatural. “Now I’m 12 years older, father of two, about to be father of three in March,” he added, to cheers and applause from the audience as his wife smiled brightly from just offstage. Padalecki and Cortese Padalecki married in 2010, and have two sons: Shepherd, 2½, and Thomas Colton, 4½. But before the couple got together, Padalecki admitted he tells quite a different story about who initiated their courting period depending on who he’s talking to. “The story I tell amongst my friends is that she wouldn’t leave me alone, right?” said the self-professed family man. “So finally I was like, ‘All right, yeah yeah, fine, I’ll go on a date with you, fine.’ ”

“You sound cool like that,” Curtis joked. “But [in reality], she came on set and it was season 4, which was eight years ago,” he recalls. “I thought she was cute and smart, and I remember she would always read books. And one of my pet peeves is when somebody interrupts me when I’m reading — like I kind of get the shakes.” He continues, “But I kept on finding myself interrupting her. I’d be like, ‘So what’s your favorite Hemingway?’ [Then] I’d go in my trailer and look up Hemingway. I thought she was awesome and so I asked her out to lunch, and it turned into hanging out and talking about traveling, and it turned into dinner.” The actor says that while he’s been filming in Vancouver, his wife has been on duty in their Austin, Texas home to make sure their sons have a good routine. “She’s been buckling down with the kids, because they’ve had their school year [start],” he says.


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