Hip Daddy Spotlight: Supernatural’s Jared Padalecki

Tell us about your kids, what’s it like being a father?
I’ve got two sons: Thomas Colton, who turned 2 on March 19th, and Austin Shepherd ‘Shep’ who was born on December 22nd. I truly love being their daddy.

Thomas is a bit of a ham (go figure, both of his parents are actors!) He loves being the center of attention and he brings a lot of joy to everybody around him. I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that we are so mobile as a family: we work in Vancouver for the better part of 9 months a year, live in Austin, and regularly travel to Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sun Valley and San Antonio to visit friends and family. So, in essence, every time we get to a new place, the people we are visiting are ecstatic to see him because they probably haven’t in a while! So, he’s gotten used to being greeted with excitement and love wherever he goes. That, and I think it’s in his natural disposition to be happy

Shep is still pretty much a baby, obviously. He likes eating, pooping, and sleeping. However, his FAVORITE thing is to play this game where he will wait for mommy and daddy to go to bed so that he can start crying… kidding ;). Honestly though, he’s also a great kid. He seems a touch more reserved than I remember Tom being at the same age, and has a “wisdom” in his eyes. He’s recently started cooing and smiling and it’s been exciting for me to re-experience this phase of fatherhood.

Talk to us about your parenting style?
I’m a pretty laid back parent. I don’t like to hover or “helicopter parent” around my boys. I enjoy letting them play and watching them explore. Granted, I’m not going to let them play in traffic, but feel like it’s part of growing up to fall down and get dirty and “meet” new people and learn by trying. I try to intervene only if I feel they are in actual danger, or feel they are displaying bad behavior (i.e. saying “no” to adults, throwing food across the restaurant, hitting, etc.). They’re both still a bit young to grasp the importance of learning certain life lessons, but I also try to be firm and set some sort of “guidelines”.

Favorite piece of clothing you wear with them or favorite piece of clothing you dress them in?
Both of my sons have been big eaters as babies. As most parents know, there’s only so much a baby can eat before their stomach gets upset. SO, and there’s not really a delicate way to put this, they both liked to spit-up. That being the case, I quickly learned to rock the undershirt, because it was VERY likely that I was going to have to take off my outer shirt at some point in time during a day’s activities. I also have a blue P-coat by Loro Piano that is water-resistant (ergo, relatively milk and food proof) and has lots of pockets (for soothers, toys, diapers, wipes, etc.). In other words, the jacket serves as my damage-proof “murse”.

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  1. I saw Jared, his wife, and cute son Tom eating lunch at Maudie’s TexMex in Austin, TX, after the Funky Chicken Coup Tour in April, and his son was well behaved- didn’t throw any food across the restaurant! Tom even played a bit with my 2 1/2 year old nephew on the playground for a bit, and I chatted with Jared’s wife. I didn’t let on that I knew who they were- just talked like normal people. Except they are all gorgeous up close and personal!!

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